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 I have watched the beautiful transformation from journaling to a published book and am so proud to Mrs. Taylor-Dickerson. She in an inspiration to me and wish her abundant blessings. The best is yet to come😁
Submitted By: Monica Williams

I am so proud of my daughter Qshebra Taylor-Dickerson.
Submitted By: Ernestine Taylor

Great site Mrs. Q-Keep up the Great work!! I'm so proud of you.
Submitted By: Horace Dickerson

  So proud to have met you. God is moving in your life and I am so proud of you. You are so inspiring to the next generation.
Submitted By: Pamela Campbell

Qshebra, you are an awesome woman of God. You speak with the power of experience. The fire within you is a heartfelt and powerful intensity that can touch the lives of others. It has been a blessing to see you blossom into this mouthpiece of freedom for all. You are a gifted young woman with many talents. Continue to empower and transform lives. Your perseverance has shown us all that “It is Possible.”
Submitted By: Veronica Wiley

Hi Aunt ♡Latasha, We love you so much and proud of you. We ♡♡♡♡♡ you so much from our hearts to yours. Good luck on your successful accomplishments. With love and support. Keep up the great work because hard work pays off.
Love Always,
Submitted By: Kanarius☆Kelsea☆Tiera☆Kendra☆Kourtney☆

Knowing you is an honor and you have given me much inspiration that has helped me in my journey! I can know say I know how to present myself as a lady and set and example for my Girl's well being in life. I'm beyond blessed for your helping hands in this process that I Love to look back and see how far I have came.
Blessings to you Mrs. Q
Submitted By: Shannon Hall

  This book has been a T.R.U.E. blessing to me. I can't believe how much I related to a lot of the same situations, it's scary.  As I was reading, I started reliving some situations and I could remember being punished or beat for telling the truth. I remember asking some of the same questions. You have a Powerful TESTIMONY. I can honestly say, just reading the little that I have read, your helping me release past hurts, pains, disappointments, and abuse. Thank You so much for sharing your story............................ The enemy has been trying to take my life, all my life. Even when I was within my mother's womb. My father wanted me aborted. My mother made sure I knew that I wasn't supposed to be alive, due to my father not wanting another child. She reminded me often. After I was born, my left lung almost collapsed. From there, I was molested by a cousin repeatedly. I can remember the time when I finally told someone........ This particular incident occurred over my grandmother's house in my aunt's room. I can recall my cousin being on top of me at the age of six and someone started to walk into the room, my cousin became nervous and urinated on me. Once my aunt came into the room, my cousin ran into the bathroom that was within the bedroom and closed the door. My aunt noticed the big wet spot in the bed and asked me did I pee in the bed. I told her, "no". She then placed her hands in-between my legs and asked why my underwear was wet. At that point I explained to her what had happened, so she sent my father into the room. He asked me the same questions that my aunt did and after I have him the same explanation I have my aunt, he beat me until I told a LIE or in his case....... The (false) TRUTH. He whooped me until I told him that I had peed in the bed. From that point on, I've never told Anyone about any following events. There are plenty more hidden secrets that I had to endure and keep to myself, only because I was afraid if I ever told anyone, I would get beaten for my Truths.
Submitted By: Essence Elion

I was told about this book from a family member and was eager to read it. I was looking for one thing and discovered a lot more than I expected. This book is a page turner. I love the fact that after every chapter there's a W.I.S.E. T.H.O.U.G.H.T. words of wisdom that will make you reflect on your past, present and your future. I love this book!!!!! I've been through a few things in my life as well and I love the fact that this book has made me think about my situation a lot different! I love the prayers at the end of the book as well!! I would recommend this book to everyone especially if your having trouble learning to forgive, this is the book for you!
Submitted By: Shundra Robinson

The title was catching alone! Initially I assumed it was about God and yes it is inspired by him (God) but she explains that Him can be anyone. Once we recognized who H.I.M. is we can be free! Free to do Gods will. Awesome for anyone in ministry or thinking about it. Great read. Easy to understand yet Powerful!
Submitted By: Ashley Allen

This is really a great book. It's very inspiring. It's amazing how God use her life to help others that's going thru what she been thru. God still loves n used us through everything No matter what life throws ur way it let u know that God can n will deliver u out ur troubles n help other women/men know that he will do the same for those that believe that he will.
Submitted By: Tonja Pryor


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